The text on the buttons is self-explanatory. Call-to-action buttons call upon the website visitor to perform certain tasks. For example, you can call upon your site visitors to make a purchase or download a file. A , u"’": ucall to action’ is an essential part of marketing and persuasive techniques. Without a loud and clear call to action, your persuasive efforts will not produce the desired results. Similarly, a call-to-action button on a website should make it clear what you want the site visitor to do. To achieve this objective, such buttons should be conspicuous and have your , u"’": ucall’ written over them , u"’": uloud and clear’. Today’s freebies include a set of call-to-action buttons. Feel free to download and customize them by adding your own , u"’": ucall to action’ text layers. You may also be interested in some of these previously posted freebies: 3D Button, Dark Button, Web Buttons, Wood Button, Cool Web Buttons and Call To Action Download Button.